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Heroicouture Geekfold article
Heroicouture Geekfold article
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Heroicouture is the fruition of an idea that a woman can be stylish and a fan of Comics, Sci-Fi, Video Games, and all things geeky. 


I have been a geekenista since I was seven years old. I have cosplayed and worn fun fashion showing off my love of comics and sci-fi. As I started to attend Comic Cons with my artist husband, I found that I was more comfortable dressing in a bit more classic manner (for lack of a better word). Thus, I started designing my own clothing, making patterns, and sewing my own style of Geek Chic and Nerd Couture. It became apparent to me that I was not the only one looking for a different style of Geek Fashion.


After many inquiries and custom orders I decided to bring my ideas, style sense, and talent to make Heroicouture. 

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